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02-Oct-2003 -- Kick some Bush.

  • Presidential election coming up: Certainly G.W.Bush is not the answer, so who is? A careful review of the various platforms indicates Dennis Kucinich for President!
  • I'm a long time film camera user. But I got myself one of them-thar new-fangled digital cameras. And I think this Canon A70 kicks ass in terms of price, features, and optics.

07-Nov-2002 -- Subvert The Man.

16-July-2002 -- Some change is better than none.

  • I added and organized these links a bit more.
  • the leading edge of low technology.

18-January-2002 -- Dear Prudence,

29-November-2001 -- Yep.

1-September-2001 -- August: A Month in Review

  • GPS treasure hunt. "A treasure hunt?!"
  • My landlord, Kay, had a big garlic party in White Salmon, WA; the entire Big Coat Posse was there (except for Joel, who suffers from alliumphobia; could he be a vampire?).
  • My Dad and I jetted down to the Oregon State Fair to visit my Mom's Molalla RiverWatch booth; they had a 20-foot long salmon (not real) and nearby there was a $25-per-launch giant human slingshot ride. Fairs are fun.
  • I've been researching house-to-house wireless network hardware; Joel, Brad and I have attended a few grassroots WiFi community meetings. See for more onfo than you can shake a stick at..


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20-June-2001 is this site's birthday.

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"The view camera adjustments permit shifting and tilting of the lens and film up and down or sideways in relation to each other. Knowing how to use these adjustments gives us an extraordinary degree of control over the content and focus of the image."
   -- Ansel Adams

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